It’s time to create calm amid the chaos by making your space work for you. Here are a few ways we can get started:

Hands-On Organizing

DIY Organizing

Virtual Organization Coaching

Custom Organization Jobs

virtual organization

diy organizing

hands-on organizing

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Clients love working one on one! It’s a chance to get some tips and tricks of organizing while watching the magic happen.
Of course, if you’d rather just leave it to me, that works too!

One Session (3 Hours): $300
Four Sessions (12 Hours): $1020 (15% off, savings of $180)
Eight Sessions (24 Hours): $1800 (25% off, savings of $600)
Twelve Sessions (36 Hours): $2340 (35% off, savings of $1260)

In addition to organizing sessions, your package includes:
• Any additional time customizing solutions to fit your needs and style – I’ll make sure you get the function you want and the look you love.
• Additional time for supply shopping – you don’t worry about a thing!
• Arranging donation pick-ups or taking donations to a local charity after each session.
• Disposal of unused goods. Yup, this too!
• Communication with your organizer (That’s me!) via phone or email – I’ll be there every step of the way.

hands-on organizing



Feeling like a rockstar? Want to roll up your sleeves and power through the project on your own, but you don’t know where to start?
The DIY plan is perfect for you. Not only will you get step-by-step guidance, but you can claim the end result as your own!

DIY Organizing Package includes:
• 60- to 90-minute walk-through of spaces.
• A customized project plan to complete your organization goals, delivered within seven business days.
• A recommended shopping list complementing your style and staying within your budget.
• A one-hour follow-up call to review progress, two weeks after project plan is sent.
• Unlimited email follow-ups for one month.

Per room: $125
Whole house: $500

diy organizing



When it comes to tackling your goals, sometimes it helps to have an accountability partner. Virtual Organization Coaching is a long-term solution for staying focused and motivated, giving you more time to do what you love while creating a space where you thrive.

Virtual Organizing Sessions include:
• 90-minute discovery call to learn about all your goals.
• Collaborative online workspace to manage action items and assign tasks, updated monthly, based on progress.
• Monthly 30-minute call to discuss progress and/or any new goals.
• Unlimited email communication throughout the entire coaching program.

One Month: $150
Three Months: $405
Six Months: $720
Twelve Months: $1260

virtual organization



Are you planning a special project? That’s exciting! We’d love to hear how we can help. Reach out today and we’ll get started!


Total Confidentiality: Rest assured – Tidy Mango clients receive a promise of 100% confidentiality. Your home is your sanctuary and we appreciate the trust you share when you allow us inside. The only person we will speak with about organizing with you ... is you.

100% Judgement-free Zone: You’re not alone if you’re thinking, “Gosh, my house is probably the worst you've ever seen.” This is the fear of 99.9% of people who seek out organizational services. No matter the shape your space is in, you can trust us to be understanding the whole time, no matter what.

Truly Customized Solutions: You are unique – that’s what makes you great! It also means there’s basically no such thing as a “one-container-fits-all” organizing solution. We'll work with you to understand your preferences, routines, day-to-day needs, stresses, dreams, style, and everything in between, customizing organization solutions to the way you live life. #ItsAllAboutYou

At Your Pace: Our focus is always on the comfort of our clients. For instance, working through the bathroom cabinet will probably be quicker than going through all your kids’ colored pictures and trying to choose the ones you love the most. Our organization approach is always client centered, not time driven – so we always work at your pace.

Respect for Your Belongings: A common misconception about professional organizers is that they’re going to come into your home and throw away all your stuff. That is definitely not going to happen! Our job is to simply understand your goals, understand how you live in your spaces, and then translate it all into a place where you can be your best you.

what to expect while working with tidy mango








You have a hot date in 10 minutes, so you throw everything lying around the house into the coat closet or under the bed.

You have a three-car garage and can barely fit one car in it.

The stacks of magazines and papers around the house have become convenient places for setting your keys or your drink. Now where did you leave those keys?

You need to return an item to the store, so you spend an hour ransacking the house to find the receipt.

You feel so overwhelmed at the thought of having a houseguest that you pretend you’re “away” the weekend they need to crash.






You get angry while thumbing through an HGTV Magazine – in what reality is that level of perfection even possible?

You wish there was more than 24 hours in a day so you could get around to checking off that first item on your to-do list.

You play adult indoor hopscotch to get from one room to another, using at least three curse words each time you step on something sharp.

Laundry is your worst enemy – that same basket of clean clothes has been staring at you for a week. Your excuse is that you’re too busy, but deep down you know there’s no cramming even one more sock into any of those drawers.

Your “bed” has been your office since your “office” became your hamper, and all the other flat surfaces are full.






You bought a cool new gadget to help you get organized, but now you can’t remember where you put it.

You keep a number of items in sets of two … because you keep accidentally buying things you already have.

You put items on top of their containers instead of inside.

You missed an appointment you made three months ago, and now you have to call and sweet-talk the receptionist to get another one.

Your closet has a note reading: “Open at your own risk!”






You’re paying late fees on just about everything that can possibly have a late fee.

You come home with food or new clothes and there’s no place to store any of it, so it just lives where you drop it.

At any given moment, you cannot locate your birth certificate, social security card, or last year’s tax return.

You’ve fed the dog three times today but you can’t remember if you’ve fed the dog today.

You found Tidy Mango!


I am so thankful I found Jenna!! I have been wanting to get organized for so long but didn’t know how to start. I was feeling overwhelmed and knew I needed someone to help me. My home works so much better for me now and I love waking up to how organized everything is and then coming home to a calm space. My girlfriends even made comments about how lovely everything looks!

Emma w.

Jenna is an awesome organizer. When I moved into my new home, she organized my entire kitchen. She also educated me on how to stay organized using her personal tips and tricks. I will definitely be calling her again. 

shari b.

Before I couldn’t find anything in my pantry easily. Now, everything is in adorable containers or organized in cute baskets. Jenna really made sure to understand my style when she shopped for the organization supplies- and she nailed it! Who knew a pantry could be so stylish.

lily m.

I seriously can’t even express how grateful I am. I debated even hiring someone to help me because I was so embarrassed to have someone over to my house. The second she came to my home I knew I wanted to work with her. She wasn’t phased at all by my things being everywhere and she really took the time to understand what I wanted to get out of my space and how I used each room. I have this huge weight lifted off me now and I feel more energized through the day because I don’t have to worry about the clutter. She changed my life! 

riley v.